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Quaint Town Nostalgic Christmas Wrapping Paper

Quaint Town Nostalgic Christmas Wrapping Paper

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Nostalgic Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

Step back in time and enjoy the view. You can almost feel the snow and smell the wood burning in fireplaces. This charming gift-wrapping paper features a quaint and nostalgic, small-town winter scene that is guaranteed to impress.

This wrapping paper is inspired by the many family Christmas Road trips of my youth. New England's small towns always had larger-than-life Christmas trees in their town centers and an abundance of winter storms and flurried scenes.

This is not your typical wrapping paper.

This is premium semigloss Fine Art Paper (90 GSM). Thick and luxurious, it creases perfectly for a beautiful fold. The finish is smooth and clean, and the museum-grade inks produce rich, vivid colors.

About this product:

  • Quality Guaranteed!
  • 90-gsm semigloss fine art paper
  • Available as one sheet in two sizes: 24" × 36" or 24" × 60"
  • Edge-to-edge one sided print
  • Paper is shipped on a roll.

Elevate your gift-giving game this season. Order early. Order today!

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