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Mountain Town Holiday Wrapping Paper Rolls

Mountain Town Holiday Wrapping Paper Rolls

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The Mountains Are Calling

Transport yourself to the snowcapped mountains and smell the wood burning in the fireplace. This wrapping paper is special. Look at the warm glow from inside each building, the Christmas tree lights that seem to glow into infinity. Anything is possible here--a magical holiday town that creates memories that last a lifetime. So, grab some hot cocoa and grab your chair by the fire-- this will be a Christmas to remember.

This is not your typical wrapping paper.

This is premium semigloss Fine Art Paper (90 GSM). Thick and luxurious, it creases perfectly for a beautiful fold. The finish is smooth and clean, and the museum-grade inks produce rich, vivid colors. 

About this wrapping paper

    • 90-gsm fine art paper
    • Available as one sheet in 3 sizes: 30"×36", 30"x70", or 30"x180"
    • Edge-to-edge one sided print
    • Paper is shipped on a roll

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