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Floral Rhinoceros Wrapping Paper Rolls

Floral Rhinoceros Wrapping Paper Rolls

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Have You Been Looking Everywhere For Holiday Rhinoceros Wrapping paper? 

Well, look no further. This silly, yet refined wrapping paper is perfect for the holidays and will surely stand out. Playful, yet sophisticated, wrapping paper speaks volumes about the gift-giver. 

Printed on high-quality 90-gsm semigloss wrapping paper, the colors are vivid and the paper creases perfectly for a perfect fold. 

Stand out from the crowd this holiday season and get your rolls today! 

  • 90-gsm fine art paper
  • Available as one sheet in 3 sizes: 30"x 36", 72" or 180"
  • Edge-to-edge one sided print
  • Paper is shipped on a roll
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