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Outdoor Pillow | Floral Rhinoceros Throw Pillow

Outdoor Pillow | Floral Rhinoceros Throw Pillow

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Finally! You Can Stop Searching For Floral Rhinoceros Outdoor Pillows!

Nothing says you can’t be random with sophisticated taste quite like a floral rhinoceros outdoor pillow. Though the print may be silly, this pillow is very soft and extremely durable. Each outdoor pillow is expertly crafted, built to be strong, yet so, so soft. ...the pillow, not a rhinoceros. 

About the pillow:

  • UV-resistant (protect from fading)
  • Water and mildew resistant
  • Soft 100% spun polyester (never wrinkles)
  • Sturdy pillow filling makes them durable and comfortable.
  • Double sided print

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