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Outdoor Pillow | Silly Birds Durable Throw Pillow

Outdoor Pillow | Silly Birds Durable Throw Pillow

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Super Soft and Super Silly!

I mean! How cute are these little ones? We just love these silly birds- each with their own personality and fun expression. There is no getting around the fact that this pillow is having a lot of fun. 

And, this is the mission. To inject tiny moments of silliness into our day. Because we know that subconsciously, silly moments begin to lift the moods of those around you. Giving you an opportunity to take control of the energy in your space. 

About the pillow:

  • UV-resistant (prevents fading)
  • Water and mildew resistant
  • Soft 100% spun polyester (doesn't wrinkle)
  • Sturdy pillow filling makes them durable and comfortable.
  • Double-sided print

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