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Home Town Holiday Wrapping Paper Rolls

Home Town Holiday Wrapping Paper Rolls

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Nostalgic Christmas Wrapping Paper

As an adult, there's nothing quite as special as going home for the holidays. No matter what was happening in my life, when I see my modest hometown Christmas tree for the first time each year, I feel safe, warm, and comfortable-- I'm protected. 

The Home Town Holiday Wrapping Paper Rolls is an homage to those nostalgic Christmas feelings. The colors are rich and beautiful, and the thick, 90-gsm semigloss fine art paper folds and creases beautifully, for a perfectly smooth and clean look.

Available as one sheet in two sizes: 
24" × 36" 
24" × 60" (BEST VALUE)

This Holiday season, bring back the nostalgic feelings of Christmas's past; but, don't reminisce for too long. 

Why wait? Order yours today! 

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